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A Visit to Sissinghurst Castle Gardens

A few weeks ago, the gardens at Sissinghurst Castle opened to the public for the spring and summer season. We’re lucky to live just a short drive away from this beautiful place and look forward to the spring opening weekend. So we set off to enjoy the gardens in the Sunday afternoon sunshine!

Gatehouse March opening weekend national trust property Sissinghurst castle garden
The Gate House, displaying some blooms from the garden along with the Head Gardener’s Notes

Mini daffodils National Trust Sissinghurst Castle Gardens March 2016 Spring

The Tower and Rose Garden

My daughter (aka The Little Chick) was very excited to be allowed to climb up to the top of the tower for the very first time, under Daddy’s strict supervision! She really enjoyed waving to me, way down below on the ground.

The Orchard

One of our favourite parts of the garden is the Orchard, with its carpet of daffodils.  Unfortunately, due to the recent wet weather, the Orchard was closed to prevent the ground becoming a swamp! Luckily we could still enjoy the glimpse of daffodils, narcissus and snowdrops through the low fence and across the moat.

The Lime Walk and Nuttery

Other special things to discover are the Snake’s Head Fritillaries, mini-irises and Hellebores. These can be found flowering in the Lime Walk and the shady Nuttery.

My favourites (this time!) are the camellias; they really are magnificent and a must see for any camellia fan.

Camellia Sissinghurst gardens visit kent March.jpg
Amazing pink double Camellia



We really enjoyed our first visit of the year to Sissinghurst and can’t wait to come back in April to see the bluebell woods!

2 thoughts on “A Visit to Sissinghurst Castle Gardens

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog about visiting SIssinghurst gardens. It is a place that is close to my heart also. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs. I love the Hellebores! I am collecting Hellebores. I also have a pulmonaria in SIssinghurst White in my very small White Garden.


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